Novillos the parties, an enclosed cart.Today, the theme is. Put these together and accompany ERAL (2 years) to the corrals, sorting desecho, apparter a novillade and return to their household gods unselected animals.Indeed, novillada (or a bullfight) is prepared in advance. The animals selected by the mayoral on physical and Genealogy criteria are herded together to, for example, to feed more than others. They must gain weight and grow st
8am, we saddle the horses. Today we must move two lots of toros. We must exchange their pens due to the departure of young bulls. The number of animals per pen declined, so we will spend more in the largest and vice versa. 2 communicate with each closed by a door. But ... it is difficult to understand that the toros. Mix two groups established is the titanesques.On fighting certainty must release a first batch of eight bulls, let them in the way
The sun rises on another day Mirandilla. The trailer is full of antique pienso bags for animals. It's lunch time for 2 bullfights in preparation, novillada, without the picador and 30 heifers present in the closed surrounding the cortijo.But if the day is already burning up and despite the early hour, the night we reserved a surprise. The "mansa" cow "non brava" Aubrac I think his condition, put down.
The dust makes my throat. The sun is stronger than Guardiola heyday. Before me, about thirty cows hit the A encircled and crowned engoulissent the first corral and stop outside the door of second.On is all three. Javi, Chico and I walk. One after their court. Shoots to chiqueros or three of them will be selected for tienta noon. "Habla it !!! "Javi me screams.