The bull and the horse

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To visit a breeding bulls in Andalusia, it is to immerse in over 2000 years of history and passion.

Since immemorial time, the bull both fascinates and haunts people.

From ancient Crete to Hemingway and Picasso, the lords of grassland still perform their magic on men and their mysteries.

Goya bullfight visit ranch

Since the 18th century, the toro (bull) bravo is raised in Andalusia (but also in the rest of Spain, to the North in the Campo Charro, and in France in the Landes or the Camargue) in the only and unique objective that is the bullfight. It is selected there according to criteria suitable for every breeder but it is always question of Caste, Nobelness and of Bravery. Every breeder, in his own way, tries to recreate in his land the perfect bull. The one that will shine and will make shine the glory of livestock and the bullfighter, but also the eyes of the amateurs. The one that will ignite the memories and will nourish many discussions.

The Brave Bull

Before the final day, the meeting with destiny, the bull will be born, live and flourish in almost freedom for approximately 5 years. Under the gaze of the Mayoral, chief of a farm, the young cowwill be evaluated during the “Tienta” (examination process). Selected, it will join the herd and his studbull. After, a calf will be born, a male maybe, which will be protected and cared for almost a year. After the “herradero” (branding), young males will live separated from females. Wildlife will learn them to become, 4 years later, the toro (bull) that is hoped for...bull ranch bullfarm

The Andalucian Horse

The Purebred Spaniard or Andalucian Horse is the native horse and the preferred partner of the “vaquero” (cowboy). His selection is born from the meeting of the Carthusian monks in plain Betic missionaries and native horses. The monks take their monastery on the island of La Cartuja, we then speak of horses Cartujanos.

The cowboy's horse must meet specific requirements to work with the bulls. It must be noble (nice, quiet), it must be powerful and strong, to respond quickly and forcefully to the command of the rider in danger. He is brave without being unconscious. A good horse will feel the danger and will be on his guard. It is flexible and "short" in order to, in case of chase, reduce the bull’s fury.

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