Breeding bulls

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Livestock farm :

Located less than half an hour from Seville they can be joined by you or through a support from your hotel.

They were selected according to three criteria:

- Authenticity: These are above all bull breeding farms dedicated to bullfighting. We offer an exclusive diving in a workplace and genuine culture.

- The quality of their facilities: Our partners propose charming settings. Each in a specific and protected natural setting.

- The desire to share: These breeders made the choice of a life of passion and they are now opening the doors of their homes to make you share their dreams.

Lora Sangran

Beginning  : May 26, 1983

The toros: Borja Lora, in charge of the ganadería, pupil of the volume toros. Strong, high and long, their cradle remained reasonable. Mainly Black, the caladera bulls are characterized by a cheerful temperament and allow a softer bullfighting.

The Farm: The 1,800 hectares that compose the Calera include three ecosystems typical of Andalusia in southern Spain. The dehesa, grazed scrubland dotted with oaks and wild olive trees. The olive grove, and the Mediterranean forest, home to many species of native animals such as deer, wild boar or partridge convievent in harmony with the king of Andalusian campo, the bull bravo.

Gabril Rojas

Beginning : May 25, 1983
The bulls: Bulls Gabriel Rojas have always been characterized by their loyalty to the Núñez caste. And livestock has always strived to maintain this pace, low withers, but fine and harmonious forms, and knowing "humiliating." The ideal build being for us the one of an imposing bull, but compatible with the size of the muleta bullfighter.
Farm "Dehesa El Castillo", a beautiful area of sparse pasture municipality of the village El Castillo de las Guardas. It is located between Seville and Aracena, at kilometer 55 of the road (N433) joining the two cities. This prairie cork oak, which covers 650 hectares, combines breeding of fighting bulls and fattening Iberian pigs with acorns. . It is worth noting the presence of a magnificent collection of horse-drawn carriages, one of the most beautiful Andalusia.

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