Meets the 3rd kind

Meets the 3rd kind
Novillos the parties, an enclosed cart.

Today, the theme is. Put these together and accompany ERAL (2 years) to the corrals, sorting desecho, apparter a novillade and return to their household gods unselected animals.

Indeed, novillada (or a bullfight) is prepared in advance. The animals selected by the mayoral on physical and Genealogy criteria are herded together to, for example, to feed more than others. They must gain weight and grow strong. In addition, the time spent together will only strengthen the uniformity of the group. Thus, desired, they come out the J more or less homogeneous day.

So…. Fire…..

The ERAL, fifty, are released in an enclosed one hundred hectare. In his tractor and voice, they are approaching. I perched on the trailer, the feet in the air, alfalfa pellets bag at my side. Javi takes the direction of the corrals. The animals follow us, attracted some treats (alfalfa pellets) I balance them regularly.

They follow us in a group a little rambunctious, some fight, others are much more concerned about the food .... It almost sounds like a school trip. It leads them to it for some months and this trip from a .ca week works wonders, they go all in 2 times. You enter them in the corrals, and finished the course in current to the chiqueros.

There are about 50 animals in 50 m2, dust disturbs the vision and breathing. They cry, shoot; the ERAL gradually fall into the chiqueros, the sun is burning, throats are dry and attention faiblie. A final group of 6 to 10 animals parked outside the front door of chiqueros, stops ... turns around.

We advance suddenly vocal cords. 15 stands, load me frankly. In the dust I do not see it start. I turn around to do during the nearest burladero ....

Error, same error for the second time in 2 months (the last shot with 6 semental 7 years) ... it burladero is too narrow, poorly made, it leans toward the wall, and, I yet know, I don ' Sanction is not fit ... .... Half my body is introduced as too plug in too narrow neck ... The right half of my body stays out and stubbornly refuses to spend. It is ... with horns and all his strength. Head down and balance one, two, ten, fifteen blows downward horns. Three times he touches my thigh and the last shot skyward clear my chest ... Six seconds of eternity.

The first second was terror. Then, the brain takes its course, and began a large solitary conversation.

"But why are you the cowherd the dumbest in the world? ! .. You know you do not pass behind the burladero, you had time to go to another .... It was short, but you had the time .... Okay, now do I push but it does not fit, and the other Pègue me everything he knows ... never tired ... I'm going to stick him one pump in the nose .... Yes, but if I do, it will remember where I am ... so .... ... ... "So he's gone ... .. Las ... .I touch my thigh. Nothing. The group enters the chiqueros and Javi, laughing wonder "Tell me! This heat in your pants ...... this is shit or blood ????? ". Fabrice, Javi and I got tired, Joe came to admire the work remains petrified! So it was not for today.

Following happens without worries.

It remains a strange feeling. For ten minutes I have the feeling of being immortal.

All my senses are awakened. I dazzling form.

Then between me very tired. I think about how lucky I am to have and the danger of this business. Finally, comes a strange thought. As a sense of incompleteness. The horn touched. But has not penetrated the flesh. I do not know why but it reminds me of those evenings or, having met a young woman, having seduced, kissed, caressed, you go home without having consumed the fruits of victory ....